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Delivering sweetener solutions for sugar-free and diet products

As a leading sweetener distributor, Prinova can deliver a full range of sweetener solutions on a global scale. Owing to our expert market knowledge and long-standing producer relationships, it means we can deliver your exact needs to enhance your sugar-free or diet products and address potential consumer health and wellness concerns or dietary trends.


With consumer demand for fewer calories and reduced blood sugars, together with other powerful consumer trends, volatile prices and erratic availability will continue. With Prinova as your chosen sweetener supplier in this high-volume category, you’ll benefit from a secure supply chain and reduced costs. You’ll also have access to our team for expert product development, helping you deliver great-tasting, healthier products.

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Explore Prinova’s range of sweeteners

Sweeteners are an excellent way to reduce sugar without compromising the taste and experience your consumers know and love. Therefore, whether you need low or high-intensity sweeteners or bulk and plant-based sweeteners for use in sugar-free or diet drinks, powdered drink mixes, RTM powders, or tabletop sweeteners, our complete range of sweeteners and sweetener blends will help you develop delicious products.

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High-intensity sweeteners

Based on current trends, we expect real growth in high-intensity sweeteners over the next 3-5 years. To that end, as global high-intensity sweetener suppliers, Prinova can give you market advice and price protection. This will help you secure the right sweetener pairing for your product. Your options can include sucralose, saccharin, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K).

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Low-intensity sweeteners

We also expect current trends to push growth in the low-calorie and low or zero-sugar product market over the next 3-5 years. However, our established supplier relationships in the low-intensity sweetener sector, including sugar alcohols or polyols such as xylitol, erythritol, maltitol, and fructose, means Prinova is well-equipped to advise on sweetener selection and market intelligence to deliver what you need.

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Plant-based sweeteners

Of course, plant-based sweeteners can be used to deliver enhanced sweetness, taste, flavour, and improved mouthfeel in various applications. Given that the plant-based food market is growing rapidly, naturally-derived sweeteners will be central to that growth in the coming years. As a leading distributor of a range of plant-based sweeteners, including stevia, fructose, and xylitol, Prinova can help you select the perfect sweetener for your product.

Supply chain security

Secure supply chains are a crucial element of any manufacturing process. Therefore, as a leading sweetener distributor, our long-standing producer relationships give you the supply chain security and contract price protection you expect from us.


In addition, this supply chain security gives us easy access to a range of sweeteners on a worldwide scale. Therefore, we can support our internal stock levels and remain adaptable, meeting your purchase demands without adverse impact. Discover more about our sourcing and supply chain expertise and how Prinova is the ideal partner for your business.

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Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

Prinova is a global sweetener supplier, setting the standard for product quality, compliance, and safety everywhere. Accordingly, our consistent quality measures display our commitment to go beyond the highest compliance and safety standards you demand in all our premium sweeteners and premix production stages.

Optimise your sweeteners

Using Prinova as your one-stop sweetener supplier means you can also draw on our extensive ingredient expertise. Therefore, with help from our development team on everything from formulation, blends, and premixes to all-important labelling, their advice will help you develop safe, delicious products with the desired mouthfeel for your customers.

Product development

Our in-house experts will help you develop on-trend products, from beverages to sports and lifestyle nutrition and gummy supplements, to get just the right taste. In effect, this makes us more than just a sweetener distributor for your product. We’ll help you find the ideal sweetener pairing for your product development and beat any flavour challenges.

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Market-ready blends and premixes

As a major part of product development, our team can also work with you to combine multiple sweeteners, creating custom, market-ready blends. Significantly, this development will help optimise the sweetness level of your product. Crucially, this will deliver the desired taste, texture, flavour, and functionality for your customers.