Sourcing Expertise
Partner with the Ingredient Sourcing Experts

Reliable Ingredient Supply Chains, Built Up Over Decades

Expertise in sourcing is the cornerstone of our business. We’ve been working with producers in key supply bases like China and India for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve built networks that enable us to guarantee quality, accountability, and reliability. As a Prinova customer, this means you can depend on stability, as well as benefiting from our decades of expertise in ingredient sourcing and navigating regulatory challenges.

Expert Market Insights 

Success in food and nutrition markets isn’t just about knowing what to buy, but also when to buy it. Our global reach and strong local market relationships give us real-time insights into ingredient availability and market trends. We offer you unparalleled expert guidance every step of the way – from ingredient selection to formulation.

Consolidate your Supply Chain

With market-leading positions in key categories and a broad product portfolio, we can help you drive efficiencies in your supply chain. When you work with us you can reduce your number of suppliers.  It’s as close as you can get to buying direct – without the risk. You can also depend on us for long-term fixed price contracts which guarantee you price stability and allow you to avoid market volatility. Gain a strategic advantage by leveraging our market leading-positions within the following categories:


Amino Acids        Food & Beverage Ingredients      Plant-Based Proteins  


Sweeteners          Vitamins & Derivatives

Looking for something else?  Contact us about sourcing it from our global network. 

Inventory Management

Reduce your inventory levels – and the associated costs – by making use of our substantial buffer stocks in 35 strategic locations around the world. This global footprint makes us the ideal partner for companies of all sizes, from multinationals to regional businesses.



Global Inventory Warehouse Locations

Europe Americas Asia Australia
Germany (2)
Italy (1)
Netherlands (2)
Spain (2)
Turkey (2)
UK (3)
Canada (3)
Mexico (2)
US (15)
Changzhou (1)
Shanghai (1)
Japan (1)
Sydney (1)
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Strong Relationships, Stable Supply Chains

We don’t just source ingredients – we build relationships. Prinova has offices in key production locations including China, India and Indonesia, and long-standing links with our suppliers. We don’t just source ingredients from them, but also meet them regularly and visit their facilities. The relationships we have built over the past three decades mean we can offer our customers stability and reliability – even in the most volatile markets. 

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