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As a world-leading protein supplier, Prinova offers an incredible choice of premium protein ingredients from a wide range of sources. Our 100% plant-based alternatives for protein solutions can fortify your vegan and vegetarian products. At the same time, we supply a choice of animal-derived proteins, ensuring we provide for all major applications and consumer groups.


Therefore, with Prinova as your chosen protein supplier, you’ll take advantage of our strong supply chains with full traceability. And you’ll have an expert team to help you with protein formulation and product development.

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Proteins are vital to the daily nutrients we need to keep muscles, bones, and entire bodies happy and healthy. Whether you’re looking for practical or nutritional benefits in your food or drink products, as a premium protein supplier, our animal-derived and plant-based proteins consistently deliver improved health and physical performance.

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Plant-based proteins

Our organic and non-organic plant-based proteins from pea, soy, rice, and fava bean are rich in amino acids. Explicitly created to help you meet the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, we can work with you to create a custom plant-based protein blend that delivers the nutrition profile and functionality you need. To that end, our skill in plant protein formulation means we can help you master the tricky challenges of taste, texture, and solubility.

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Meat and fish proteins

Derived from beef, chicken, and salmon, our meat and fish protein range is rich in vitamins and minerals. The hydrolysed proteins, collagen peptides, and bone broth powders in these proteins are vital to boosting the nutritional value of your range of food and drink applications while helping to achieve clean-label success. We can also offer a range of branded meat and fish proteins to add more value to your product.

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Dairy-based proteins

As a specialist whey protein supplier, our dairy-based whey proteins are sourced from trusted manufacturers who work with the freshest raw materials. Therefore, we can offer a full range of high-content whey protein ingredients, including concentrates, hydrolysates, and isolates. In addition, our robust supply chains can provide you with low minimum order quantities for complete flexibility.

Optimise your proteins

Partnering with Prinova as your premium protein supplier also means you can take advantage of our ingredient expertise. With our range of additional ingredients, amino acid blends, or branded ingredients, our team’s expert advice will help you develop any protein formulations you need to optimise your product.

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Product development

Prinova is more than a protein supplier. Partnering with us means our expert team will support your product development with technical and commercial experience, ensuring you get the best out of your ingredients. This knowledge is on hand to help you develop successful products from start to finish.

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Customised amino acid blends

Prinova also offers a range of customised amino acid blends and premixes. This range includes standard blend ratios, alternative ratios, tableting grades, and micronised products. Helping you to upgrade your protein-based sports and lifestyle nutrition products and take your food and drink products to the next level of nutritional health.

Branded ingredients

Alongside our range of premium ingredients, we also stock the highest-quality branded ingredients from a select group of trusted companies, including Essentia, Atura, and many others. This superior choice gives you access to a complete range of organic proteins, hydrolysates, and marine and plant-based proteins for your products.

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Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

Prinova is a renowned industry leader, and we set the standard for product quality, compliance, and safety worldwide. With our commitment to the highest standards in quality management, we provide an unmatched level of certainty to our customers. We guarantee full transparency and traceability of every ingredient we source, to ensure we meet and exceed the quality and compliance standards you demand.

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Supply chain security

The importance of secure supply chains is crucial to any manufacturing process. As a leading protein supplier, our well-established relationships with ingredient producers provide genuine supply chain security and contract price protection.


Above all, this level of security affords us easy access to ingredients on a global scale. Allowing us to maintain internal stock levels, stay flexible, and meet your demands without any adverse impact. Discover how our sourcing and supply chain expertise make Prinova the ideal partner to support your business growth.

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