Ingredients for the Best Start in Life

High-quality Ingredients for Infant Nutrition Applications

Nutrition plays a critical role in the first thousand days of life – from conception to early infancy. At Prinova, we’re committed to helping you develop products that give children the best possible start in life. Our range of high-quality infant formula ingredients includes premixes that are rich in vitamins, minerals, folic acid, magnesium, DHA and other vital nutrients. Crucially, all our prenatal vitamins are silicon dioxide-free, and many are available nanoparticle-free, giving you and your customers peace of mind. We can also help you create nutrition products for preconception, pregnancy, and early life.

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Vitamins & Derivatives

As the global leader in vitamins and derivatives, we share your commitment to creating high-quality products for fertility, pregnancy, and infant nutrition. The solutions in our Vitamin A Series can contribute to normal infant growth and development, and are associated with reproductive health. We are also the world’s largest distributor of food-grade B vitamins, including B9 (Folic Acid), and offer other nutrients that can help boost fertility, like calcium and zinc. All our prenatal vitamins are silicon dioxide-free.

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Amino Acids

We offer the largest inventory of food-grade amino acids in Europe and the US, including options that are ideal for infant nutrition applications. We only source from suppliers we trust, and you can depend on us for complete traceability and transparency.

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We offer access to a wealth of nutraceutical ingredients for fertility and early life applications. Our range includes blends that can be used in tablets for both female and male fertility, and dietary fibres for infant nutrition. Because we only work with trusted suppliers, you can be sure of safety and high quality.

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Hydrocolloids & Thickeners

You can count on consistent quality from our hydrocolloids and thickeners, which include xanthan gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum, and sodium alginate. With extensive experience of sourcing these ingredients, we’ll help you achieve the precise viscosity, texture, structure, colour, and gel strength you need for your application.

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Functional Ingredients

We can help you deliver a range of functional benefits, including improved taste and texture, and extended shelf life. With extensive experience of working with customers across the infant nutrition industry, you can rely on us for first-class service as well as high-quality ingredients.

Custom Premixes & Market-Ready Blends

Our premixes for formulas, follow-on milks, and baby foods ensure the delivery of all the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy development in early childhood. Our vitamins E, D3, and K1 are entirely free from nanoparticles for nutrition your consumers can trust. We also offer custom nutrient premixes for fertility and preconception nutritional needs.

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