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Wellbeing today is about much more than just physical health. Consumers are increasingly seeking ways to support their cognitive health, too. A major area of growth is nootropics – supplements and ingredients for cognitive health that help to improve mental functions such as focus and memory. They are popular among a number of demographic groups, including busy professionals, students, athletes, and gamers. Prinova has the products and expertise you need to tap into the nootropics opportunity, with a wide range of single ingredients, branded ingredients and premix solutions. Our portfolio includes Omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and botanical extracts such as gingko biloba, ginseng, guarana, and many more.

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Product Development Support

We offer a range of value-added capabilities in the nootropics category, including full product development support for gummies, beverages, capsules/tablets, and RTM powders.

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Read our nootropics newsletter for the latest insights into the growing market for brain-boosting supplements for gamers. Learn how to tap into the potential offered by eSports and find out why gaming is no longer a hobby dominated by young men.

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Custom Premixes and Market-Ready Blends

Simplify your supply chain and accelerate your innovation pipeline with our fortification and market-ready blends for nootropics. We’ll help you react fast and take advantage of new and emerging trends in the category. 

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