Aquamin Magnesium

A Naturally Sourced Magnesium Offering Improved Bioavailability

Derived naturally from clean seawaters off the Irish coast, Aquamin magnesium is a multi-mineral complex that is a highly bioavailable source of marine magnesium (minimum of 35 percent) and 72 additional trace materials. Extracted using a proprietary process, Aquamin Mg provides a unique mineral profile that acts synergistically with the enriched magnesium content.

A Variety of Grades for a Variety of Applications

Product Application Calcium Magnesium
Aquamin MG AG Plants-Based Drinks, Beverages, & Supplements   1% 33%
Aquamin MG TG Supplements   1% 33%
Aquamin MG Soluble Clear Beverages 1% 12%
Aquamin MG AG

Aquamin Mg AG has Arabic gum added for improved functionality,  including flowability and compression properties.   


Calcium 1% 

Magnesium 33% 

Applications: Plants Based Drinks, Beverages, Supplements  

Aquamin MG TG

Aquamin MG TG is a natural mineral source produced with unmodified maize (corn) starch added as a granulating agent.  


Calcium 1% 

Magnesium 33% 

Applications: Supplements

Aquamin MG Soluble

Aquamin Mg Soluble is a magnesium citrate-based mineral source produced by reacting magnesium oxide derived from seawater with citric acid to render it soluble in aqueous systems.  


Calcium 1%

Magnesium 12%

Applications: Clear Beverages

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