Aquamin Calcium

A Naturally Sourced Calcium Offering Improved Bioavailability

A natural calcium that is 100 percent plant-based, clean label, and sustainably sourced, Aquamin calcium is high in calcium and rich in trace minerals. It’s porous, honeycombed cell structure provides significant advantages over regular grades of calcium, including benefits to technical applications for both improved bioavailability and absorption.

Different Grades for Different Application Requirements

Product Application Calcium Magnesium
Aquamin F Foods, Bars, & Powders 32% 2.2%
Aquamin TG Calcium Supplements 30% 2.2%
Aquamin S Beverages & Juices 17% 1.0%
Aquamin Soluble Clear Beverages & Supplements  12% 1.0%
Aquamin AG Plant-Based Drinks 30% 2.2%
Aquamin F

Aquamin F is a natural mineral source produced from Lithothamnion sp.  


Calcium 32% 

Magnesium 2.2% 

Applications: Foods, Bars & Powders 

Aquamin TG

Aquamin TG is produced with unmodified maize (corn) starch added as a granulating agent.    


Calcium 30% 

Magnesium 2.2% 

Applications: Supplements

Aquamin S

Aquamin S is produced from a natural mineral source which is treated with organic acids to render it acid soluble. This ingredient is designed to enhance the nutritional profile of low pH (pH 3.0-6.0) food products.  


Calcium 17% 

Magnesium 1.0% 

Applications: Beverages & Juices

Aquamin Soluble

Aquamin Soluble is produced from a natural mineral source, which is treated with organic acids to render it soluble in aqueous systems.  


Calcium 12%

Magnesium 1.0%

Applications: Clear Beverages, Supplements

Aquamin AG

Aquamin AG (Arabic gum) is produced from a natural mineral source that is dispersible in colloidal suspensions. It is stable in neutral or alkali products.  


Calcium 30%

Magnesium 2.2%

Applications: Plant-based Drinks

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