Sustainable Marine Minerals for Health

Aquamin is a Marine multi-mineral complex product range, providing highly bioactive minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and 72 other trace marine minerals. The Aquamin product range is natural, plant-based and clean label, backed by 15 years of scientific research.

The Aquamin Advantage

Other than washing and milling, Aquamin is unaltered from the raw material and represents a natural multi-mineral material that is suitable for many food and supplement applications, especially where a plant-based mineral label claim is required. 


Aquamin Calcium 

Aquamin Calcium is a natural Calcium which can be considered 100% plant-based, clean label and sustainably sourced. The Aquamin Calcium product range is high in calcium and is rich in trace-minerals. Aquamin is derived from calcareous marine red algae (Lithothamnion sp.), which absorbs essential nutrients from the sea. The algae is sustainably harvested, from the North Atlantic seabed around the Icelandic coast.


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Aquamin Magnesium

Aquamin MG is a highly bioavailable source of marine Magnesium and 72 additional trace minerals. Extracted using a proprietary process to capture this essential to life mineral from a marine source, Aquamin MG provide a unique mineral profile that acts synergistically with the enriched magnesium content. Aquamin MG is derived from the seawater off the Irish coast in a magnesium hydroxide form which is dried to a powder with different grades available depending on the application.


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A Multitude of Technical Formulation Benefits

Whether you are looking for natural, clean label minerals or fully soluble grades with zero residue or chalky texture for beverages, Aquamin provides:

  • Low cost-in-use
  • Clean label and plant-based declaration, from natural sources
  • Solubility in aqueous systems
  • Neutral organoleptic that ensure minimal impact on flavour, texture, and colour
  • Clear dissolution
  • Clean, non-chalky textures 
  • Tablet and capsule, vegan, and non-allergenic suitability
  • Heat stability, even in ultra-heat treatment
  • EFSA-compliant (European Food Safety Authority) claims for calcium and magnesium




Responsibly and Sustainably Sourced

Lithothamnion sp. is farmed in the Westfjords of Iceland under an extensive sustainability management program supported by the Icelandic Marine Institiute, local government, and environmental authorities to guarantee the natural regeneration of the unique mineral source and all components of the surrounding ecosystems.



Aquamin F

Aquamin F is a natural mineral source produced from Lithothamnion sp.  


Calcium 32% 

Magnesium 2.2% 

Applications: Foods, Bars & Powders 

Aquamin TG

Aquamin TG is produced with unmodified maize (corn) starch added as a granulating agent.    


Calcium 30% 

Magnesium 2.2% 

Applications: Supplements

Aquamin S

Aquamin S is produced from a natural mineral source which is treated with organic acids to render it acid soluble. This ingredient is designed to enhance the nutritional profile of low pH (pH 3.0-6.0) food products.  


Calcium 17% 

Magnesium 1.0% 

Applications: Beverages & Juices

Aquamin Soluble

Aquamin Soluble is produced from a natural mineral source, which is treated with organic acids to render it soluble in aqueous systems.  


Calcium 12%

Magnesium 1.0%

Applications: Clear Beverages, Supplements

Aquamin AG

Aquamin AG (Arabic gum) is produced from a natural mineral source that is dispersible in colloidal suspensions. It is stable in neutral or alkali products.  


Calcium 30%

Magnesium 2.2%

Applications: Plant-based Drinks

Aquamin MG AG

Aquamin Mg AG has Arabic gum added for improved functionality,  including flowability and compression properties.   


Calcium 1% 

Magnesium 33% 

Applications: Plants Based Drinks, Beverages, Supplements  

Aquamin MG TG

Aquamin MG TG is a natural mineral source produced with unmodified maize (corn) starch added as a granulating agent.  


Calcium 1% 

Magnesium 33% 

Applications: Supplements

Aquamin MG Soluble

Aquamin Mg Soluble is a magnesium citrate-based mineral source produced by reacting magnesium oxide derived from seawater with citric acid to render it soluble in aqueous systems.  


Calcium 1%

Magnesium 12%

Applications: Clear Beverages

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