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Appealing to every health-conscious consumer, sports nutrition ingredients are crucial in enhancing athletic and fitness performance and maintaining an active lifestyle. Whether you want to design nutrition products that maximise performance or support general health and well-being, Prinova will help you formulate products with the right taste, texture, and functionality.


Together with our diverse range of high-quality sports nutrition ingredients and custom premixes, our renowned formulation expertise can also help you create innovative, on-trend sports nutrition and supplement products that stand out from the competition. 

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With reliable access to high-quality ingredients and our sports and active lifestyle nutrition expertise, our Prinova experts are ready to help bring your product to market.

Comprehensive sports nutrition ingredients range

As a world-leading supplier, we can access amino acids, vitamins, proteins, hydrocolloids, preservatives, and many other nutritional products. Together with our large global stocks of dietary supplements, you can secure a wide range of high-quality ingredients, so you get what you need when you need it.

Custom sports nutrition and supplement premixes

Significantly accelerate your next sports nutrition or supplement product launch with our custom premixes and market-ready blends for sports and lifestyle nutrition. With this in mind, you can cut down on product development times and get your brand ahead of the curve on the latest trends. 


Owing to our decades of experience and knowledge of the most popular categories, applications, and single or branded ingredients, our expert product development can help you create a great-tasting and precisely formulated market-ready blend.

Expert support from concept to completion

In addition, we bring industry experience and insight to every stage. Therefore, you can count on our sports nutrition ingredients expertise from start to finish, from direct ingredient sourcing, ingredient distribution, and premix and market-ready blend manufacturing.


At the same time, to help you benefit from a simplified process and lower costs, we can produce market-ready blends and offer custom pack formats and batch sizes. Giving you confidence in the products we help you create and bring them to market even faster.

Product formats to suit any lifestyle

However your consumers like to take their favourite products, we have a suitable format. Therefore, we can customise our products for an extensive range of finished applications to help you cater to diverse preferences and lifestyle needs.


Additionally, with our formulation and ingredients expertise across different applications, we can help you bring all kinds of supplements and lifestyle and sports nutrition products to market. With us, you’ll get the latest technology and market insights to help you pick the perfect delivery system, and we specialise in formulating the following end-use market forms:

  • Bars
  • Beverages
  • Capsules 
  • Gels
  • Gummies 
  • Meal replacements 
  • Powders
  • Tablets 

Capitalise on consumer trends and goals

With decades of experience in sports nutrition and supplements, Prinova has developed a strong understanding of consumer trends. As long as you’re partnering with us, you get real-time insights to meet the current fitness, dietary, and wellness goals of your customers and put you and your brand a step ahead of your competition in areas including:

  • Appetite control / satiety
  • Energy  
  • Hydration  
  • Joint health
  • Pre-workout  
  • Recovery maximisation  
  • Supplementation  
  • Weight loss 
  • Inner beauty
  • Gut health
  • Intra-workout 
  • Keto  
  • Post-workout  
  • Relaxation
  • Vegan and vegetarian diets
  • Weight gain / bulk up

Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

As global sports nutrition ingredients suppliers, Prinova consistently delivers the highest quality, compliance, and safety standards that every customer demands. Therefore, we can ensure the ingredients in our supply chain come with full traceability and transparency, reducing sourcing uncertainties, so you can create and formulate your product responsibly.


Together with these standards, quality and safety are at the heart of our custom premixes and market-ready blends. Accordingly, our facilities are BRC-approved, and upon request, we can produce custom blends in our Informed Sport-certified and NSF International GMP-registered facility. In summary, each process ensures the highest product compliance and consistency in strict safety standards.


Find out more about what Prinova does to ensure quality and standards in everything we do.

Supply chain security

Whatever your development and manufacturing process, a robust supply chain is vital to your success. Therefore, Prinova can be your chosen sports nutrition ingredients supplier with exceptional supply chains and strong global sourcing links. As a result, you’ll gain access to quality ingredients without disruption or delay.


So, discover how Prinova can be your perfect partner for the sports nutrition ingredients you need to develop your product.

Ingredients suppliers for every application

As leading ingredients suppliers, our expanding range includes a wide selection of more than 2,000 high-quality ingredients and raw materials, from amino acids to vitamins and proteins, and more, from across the globe. 


Additionally, with our strategically located facilities on three continents, we can provide quick and reliable access to our large stock inventory and real-time local-market insights to offer everything you need to develop your sports performance and active lifestyle nutrition product. 

Explore our sports nutrition and supplement ingredients by product category

Amino Acids
Amino Acids
Our range of quality amino acids includes supplies for human nutrition, flavour production, personal care, pet food, and animal feed. Amino Acids
Botanical Extracts
Botanical Extracts
Your ideal choice for the finest generic and branded botanical extracts and superfood ingredients to create a natural, healthy product. Botanical Extracts
Branded Ingredients
Branded Ingredients
Partnering with Prinova allows you to create innovative products with our branded ingredients, helping you stay ahead of your competition. Branded Ingredients
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Access a wide range of exceptional high-quality ingredients, custom premixes, and blends to help you develop and perfect your product. Food & Beverage
You can help your consumers look good and feel great with the highest quality nutraceutical ingredients from market-leading global manufacturers. Nutraceuticals
Prinova offers an incredible choice of 100% plant-based or animal-derived premium protein ingredients for all major applications and consumer groups. Proteins
We can deliver everything you need to enhance your sugar-free or diet products for consumer dietary trends or health concerns. Sweeteners
Vitamins & Derivatives
Vitamins & Derivatives
Offering the most extensive inventory of food-grade single vitamins and vitamin premixes, we have every type, series, and functionality you need. Vitamins

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