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Infant nutrition affects everything in child development. In fact, nutrition is critical in every child's first one thousand days, from conception to early infancy. Therefore, Prinova is committed to helping you develop products that meet the nutritional needs of each development stage.


Given that Prinova is a leading global supplier of infant nutrition ingredients, we know the importance of quality, safety, and a scientific approach to help families and children worldwide get the best possible start in life.

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With a diverse range of high-quality pregnancy and infant formula ingredients, our Prinova experts can support you to lay the foundations for lifelong health. 

Comprehensive ingredients range

Access to a wide range of essential nutritional ingredients and our infant and early-life premixes means we have everything you need for your product. 

Expert market insights

We analyse consumer needs and trends, and our expert market insights will help you find the ingredients you need to develop custom concepts to meet the demand.

A scientific approach

Each of our infant and early-life nutrition premixes is based on scientific research, so you can feel confident in the performance and impact of your products. In addition, we can customise them for a range of infant product applications to meet the specific nutritional needs of each developmental stage.

Infant nutrition product development

Naturally, giving their children the healthiest start is any parent's priority. Therefore, one of Prinova’s priorities is to help businesses stay one step ahead of their competitors. As an industry leader in product development, our expert team has the experience and technology you need to help turn your ideas into a market-ready infant and early life product that meets children's needs in every development stage.

Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

As a global infant nutrition ingredients supplier, Prinova is committed to delivering the highest quality, compliance, and safety standards that every customer expects.


Consequently, we can ensure the ingredients in our supply chain are trusted and come with full traceability and transparency, eliminating uncertainties around sourcing, so you can formulate responsibly.


Together with these commitments, quality and safety are part of our custom infant nutrition premixes. With our three infant-approved facilities having strict quality control management, we have the confidence of leading manufacturers worldwide.


Find out more about what Prinova does to ensure quality and standards in everything we do.

Supply chain security

A strong supply chain is vital to your product’s development and manufacturing process. Therefore, with strong supply chains and global sourcing links, Prinova can be your preferred infant nutrition ingredients supplier. As a result, we help you gain access to quality ingredients without disruption or delay.


Discover how Prinova can be your essential partner for the ingredients supply you need to develop your product.

Prinova expertise -with you every step of the journey

Before conception

Even before conception, mothers and fathers-to-be can set the stage for a healthy pregnancy. Nutrition and fertility are firmly linked, and a healthy lifestyle can improve the odds of conceiving. Nutrients such as folic acid, calcium, and zinc can all help boost fertility, and both women and men can benefit from dietary supplements.



Custom nutrient premixes

Working with you, we can help create a custom nutrition premix for hopeful parents-to-be in any finished product application. Our vitamin and mineral premixes and functional ingredient blends can also be customised to specific fertility and preconception nutritional needs. 


Additionally, our off-the-shelf blends are an ideal starting point for your product formulations to get your product to market even faster. We can customise our base blends with additional ingredients to meet your needs and define your product.

High quality ingredients

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of functional, nutritional ingredients, we offer a wide range of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, botanicals, and nutraceutical supplements to support preconception health, wellness, and fertility.

During pregnancy…

Pregnancy generates various nutritional demands, but expectant mothers often restrict their diets, as many foods aren’t recommended. A healthy diet is vital for the baby and mother-to-be, so to close this gap in prenatal nutrition, we offer premixes and supplements rich in folic acid, magnesium, DHA, and other nutrients. In fact, all our prenatal vitamins are silicon dioxide-free, giving you and your customers complete peace of mind.



Custom prenatal nutrient premixes

Our product development team can also work with you to create custom prenatal nutrition premixes in any application for mums-to-be during pregnancy. Our off-the-shelf blends are ideal for customising with additional ingredients to elevate your product, deliver specific pregnancy nutritional goodness, and differentiate your brand.

High quality ingredients

Thanks to Prinova being one of the world’s largest suppliers of high-quality functional and nutritional ingredients, we offer an extensive selection that supports the health and wellness of every soon-to-be mum – and dad – during pregnancy.

The first two years…

Complete infant nutrition is critical to the ongoing health of mother and child. For a nutritional boost, we manufacture premixes, supplements, and other fortified foods for babies and nursing mums through a range of dry, water-soluble, and fat-soluble blends. We’ve also developed a full range of vitamin, mineral, and amino acid infant nutrition premixes that are 100% silicon dioxide-free for complete reassurance.



Custom infant nutrition premixes

In Prinova’s range of nutrition premixes for baby formula, follow-on milk, and baby food, we ensure the delivery of all the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy development in early childhood. With vitamins E, D3, and K1, your customers can trust they get the nutrition their child needs.

High quality ingredients

Obviously, the right ingredients are essential to good infant nutrition in every baby’s early life. Since Prinova is one of the world’s largest suppliers of high-quality ingredients, we can offer a wide range to give them the start they need. In fact, our single ingredients are silicon dioxide-free to provide added reassurance.

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