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A specific flavour or fragrance will always enhance a variety of food, beverage, and personal care products, making them smell or taste exceptional while increasing user enjoyment. For that reason, as a global supplier of flavour and fragrance ingredients, Prinova is committed to helping you develop products that excite and invigorate the senses of every consumer.


Due to our vast, high-quality ingredients inventory that includes bulk essential oils, aroma chemicals, amino acids, vitamins and derivatives, custom premixes and more, we’re ideally placed to help you create empowering and distinctive flavours and fragrances for a range of products. 

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Given that we’re continually adding new raw materials and ingredients to our range, you can explore our products to find what you need. What’s more, our Prinova experts can give you expert help or even help source an ingredient for you.

Comprehensive ingredients range

With access to a wide range of essential oils and aroma chemicals, alongside other exceptional ingredients such as amino acids and vitamins and derivatives, there’s no doubt we have the right ingredient your product needs.

Global network relationships

Direct relationships with a global partner network of manufacturers and suppliers allow us to offer you unfettered access to the most in-demand fragrance and flavour ingredients from around the world.

Exceptional market expertise

Over 40 years of experience, together with our numerous international teams and facilities, allow us to offer market insights down to a local level, helping you to make the right buying decisions at the right time.

Flavour and fragrance ingredient suppliers for every application

As a result of Prinova being a global flavour and fragrance ingredients supplier, our range includes a broad selection of over 2,000 high-quality ingredients, from aroma chemicals to vitamins and derivatives. 


Together with our industry knowledge and market position, this impressive range ensures we can provide everything you need to develop your product in applications ranging from foods and beverages to household products and fine fragrances.

Explore our full flavour and fragrance ingredients by product category

Amino Acids
Amino Acids
Our range of quality amino acids includes supplies for human nutrition, flavour production, personal care, pet food, and animal feed. Amino Acids
Aroma Chemicals
Aroma Chemicals
Our wide range of natural and synthetic aroma chemicals allows you to create exciting products with enhanced flavours and fragrances. Aroma Chemicals
Botanical Extracts
Botanical Extracts
Your ideal choice for the finest generic and branded botanical extracts and superfood ingredients to create a natural, healthy product. Botanical Extracts
Essential Oils
Essential Oils
With access to high-quality essential oils from around the world, add superior flavour and fragrance to products in different applications. Essential Oils
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Access a wide-range of exceptional, high-quality ingredients including, acids and acidulants, hydrocolloids, sorbates, phosphates, and additives. Food & Beverage
Prinova offers an incredible choice of 100% plant-based or animal-derived premium protein ingredients for all major applications and consumer groups. Proteins
We can deliver everything you need to enhance your sugar-free or diet products for consumer dietary trends or health concerns.   Sweeteners
Vitamins & Derivatives
Vitamins & Derivatives
Offering the most extensive inventory of food-grade single vitamins and vitamin premixes, we have every type, series, and functionality you need. Vitamins

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With over 2,000+ ingredients and 40+ years of sourcing expertise, you have an expert by your side every step of the way.

Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

Prinova is committed to delivering the highest quality, compliance, and safety standards with the ingredients we supply. Consequently, we can ensure the ingredients in our secure supply chain come with full transparency, eliminating any uncertainties around composition or origin for complete trust in the quality of our products.


Together with these commitments, many of the products we offer for fragrances are REACH-registered and compliant for the European market. To explain, REACH (the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) ensures our continued ability to import substances that fall under its jurisdiction and confirm to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) that they can be used safely.


Find out more about what Prinova does to ensure quality and standards in everything we do.

Supply chain security

Strong supply chains are essential to every manufacturing process. Therefore, as a leading ingredients supplier, you can rely on our expertise and dedicated teams in key sourcing locations for long-term, fixed-price contracts. Additionally, our global sourcing capabilities can give you complete supply chain protection in volatile markets. 


Further to being your chosen flavour and fragrance ingredients supplier, discover how we help you gain access to quality ingredients with efficient service and support wherever you are.

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