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Businesses in today’s beverage industry are constantly striving to create new and improved products to meet the changing demands of their customers. However, finding the right beverage ingredients suppliers that can improve product development can be challenging.


To that end, as leading global beverage ingredients suppliers, Prinova understands the unique needs of the beverage industry better than most. So whatever goals or challenges you’re facing, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


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Our expert team can support your beverage development process with deep market insight, a diverse beverage ingredient range, expert knowledge, and robust supply chains. In short, Prinova can help you speed up your development process and get your beverages to market faster.

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Comprehensive product range

Without doubt, access to a broad range of functional ingredients, from sweeteners, vitamins, and amino acids, to acidulants, preservatives, and plant proteins, means we’re confident we have what your product needs.

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Custom premixes and blends

Take advantage of beverage fortification premixes and market-ready blends for every application, including sports and nutritional drinks, energy drinks, juices, functional beverages, and many more.

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Expert market insights

Given that we track beverage trends and expectations, together with our expert market insights, we’ll help you find the ingredients you need every time, reducing costs and the number of suppliers you need.

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The formula experts

Our beverage ingredients experts can work with you to perfect the ingredients and formula you need for your product to ensure precision and performance where you need it most.

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Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

Prinova is a global ingredient supplier for the beverage industry. We’re committed to providing the highest degree of quality, food safety, and regulatory compliance in every product and service. Additionally, we challenge our ways of working to implement best-in-class controls, always striving for continuous improvement. As a result, we’re proud of our quality processes and provide full transparency, visibility, and support to meet our customer’s needs and expectations.


Learn more about the steps Prinova takes to ensure that you have everything you need to create winning products with complete confidence.

Supply chain security

A strong supply chain is vital to your manufacturing process, and one weak link can cause disruptions and delays. Therefore, with global supply chains and strong sourcing links, Prinova can act as your single-source beverage ingredients suppliers. As a result, we help you gain access to ingredients other suppliers may struggle to get.


Learn more about how Prinova can be your single-source partner for the supply of the ingredients you need to develop your product.

Beverage ingredient suppliers for every application

With Prinova being a global beverage ingredient provider, our supplies include an extensive range of the latest high-quality beverage ingredients, blends, and premixes. For this reason, we’re able to provide everything you need to develop your next product. What’s more, we can help you to bring it to market sooner and your brand get the acclaim it deserves.


With both our knowledge and industry position in functional beverage ingredients and applications, we can offer quality products to cover a full range of beverage applications, from flavoured waters, juices, and energy drinks to spirits, wines, and ciders.

Explore our full beverage ingredients by product category

Offering the largest inventory of food-grade single vitamins and vitamin premixes, we have every type, series, and functionality you need. Vitamins
Amino Acids
Amino Acids
Our range of quality amino acids includes supplies for human nutrition, flavour production, personal care, pet food, and animal feed. Amino Acids
Botanical Extracts
Botanical Extracts
Your ideal choice for the finest generic and branded botanical extracts and superfood ingredients to create a natural, healthy product. Botanical Extracts
Branded Ingredients
Branded Ingredients
Partnering with Prinova means you stay ahead of your competition to create exciting new products with our original branded ingredients. Branded Ingredients
Essential Oils
Essential Oils
With access to high-quality essential oils from around the world, add superior flavour and fragrance to products in different applications. Essential Oils
Aroma Chemicals
Aroma Chemicals
Our wide range of natural and synthetic aroma chemicals allows you to create exciting products with enhanced flavours and fragrances. Aroma Chemicals
We can deliver everything you need to enhance your sugar-free or diet products for consumer dietary trends or health concerns.   Sweeteners
Prinova offers an incredible choice of 100% plant-based or animal-derived premium protein ingredients for all major applications and consumer groups. Proteins
Nutraceutical from market-leading manufacturers means you use the highest quality ingredients to help your consumers look good and feel great. Nutraceuticals
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Access a wide-range of exceptional, high-quality ingredients including, acids and acidulants, hydrocolloids, sorbates, phosphates and additives. Food & Beverage
View All Ingredients
View All Ingredients
With over 2,000+ ingredients and 40+ years of sourcing expertise you have an expert by your side every step of the way. View All
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Custom premixes and market-ready blends

Get your products to market faster with our custom premixes and market-ready blends. Due to being beverage ingredients suppliers, our premixes, including dry vitamin and mineral premixes, are formulated by experts to deliver product performance and manufacturing efficiency. We also offer market-ready blends that contain amino acids, botanicals, functional ingredients, sweeteners, and more.

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End-to-end support for your product

To streamline your production processes, you can take advantage of our full, end-to-end product and service support. Therefore, from concept, design, and development to ingredient sourcing and supply, you can count on our knowledge, and experience to make to make bringing your products to market faster and easier.

The beverage ingredients you need, when you need them

Prinova operates a range of facilities located worldwide, giving you faster access to help you stay ahead of demand. To put it another way, our global presence and excellent supplier relationships give us real-time insight so we can advise you on making the right buying decisions at the right time.

High quality, as standard

At Prinova, we understand the importance of following sometimes complex local beverage safety laws on a global scale. With this in mind, our expert quality control and research and development teams will help ensure your products are formulated in line with local requirements and meet compliance across all markets.

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