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Diverse and nutritional ingredients to enhance animal food, health, and performance

Like humans, animals rely on nutritional food for growth, development, and performance. At Prinova, we offer high-quality vitamins and derivatives, amino acids, antioxidants, additives, proteins, and many other products for the health and performance of pets and livestock.


As global suppliers of premium animal nutrition ingredients, Prinova can ensure you take advantage of our local market insights, comprehensive ingredients range, and robust supply chains. We’re also members of UK Pet Food (formerly the Pet Food Manufacturers Association). As a result, our knowledge can help you create nutritionally balanced, healthy pet food and animal feed products competitively.

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Animal nutrition ingredients

In order to access everything you need to create superior nutritional products, our comprehensive range of high-quality animal, livestock, and pet food ingredients includes amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and derivatives. As a pet food and animal nutrition ingredients supplier, we can help you create superior products with the flavours and fortification you need, all while meeting high industry standards – and those of all animal and pet owners.

Supply chain security

A secure supply chain is crucial to the success of your manufacturing process. Accordingly, one weak link in your supply chain in the high-volume ingredients market can cause delays and disruption, leading to lost revenue and a damaged reputation. With this in mind, Prinova prioritises supply chain security and offers global sourcing links in a volatile market to be your single-source supplier of animal nutrition ingredients.


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Meeting animal palatability needs

Pet and animal food that smells good and tastes even better ensures every animal eats healthily and regularly. In short, that’s why Prinova supplies the highest-quality ingredients to global pet food manufacturers and palatent experts, ensuring those foods have the right taste, texture, and smell to support a healthy appetite. So animals, pets, and livestock eat – and like – all the food they need.


Prinova are members of UK Pet Food (previously known as the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association or PFMA) and FEFANA

Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

At Prinova, we take pride in being a leading global supplier of animal nutrition ingredients. We’re committed to providing the highest degree of quality, feed safety, and compliance in every product and service. Additionally, we challenge our ways of working to implement best-in-class controls, including extensive risk assessments and third-party testing. Our FAMI-QS certification provides us with the perfect framework to drive quality, authenticity, and animal feed safety standards forward. As a result, we’re proud of our quality processes and will provide full transparency, visibility, and support to meet our customer’s needs and expectations. 


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