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We are one of the world’s largest distributors of functional ingredients and a provider of integrated solutions such as nutrient premixes and particle management services. As a single-source partner offering ingredients, custom services, and market expertise, Prinova adds value at every step of your product’s lifecycle, from concept to completion.



We Bring Decades of Experience

Over the course of our history, we’ve become a world-leading distributor of functional ingredients while expanding our strategic services, portfolio diversity, and global reach — all so we can better serve our customers. We’re ready to help solve your next ingredient, premix, or formulation challenge.  

Utilising our combined knowledge to maximise your business

Portfolio growth and enhancement has been a pillar of the Prinova business for the last 40 years, so it was no surprise when Nagase Group of Japan declared an interest and acquired Prinova Group in 2019, significantly expanding their Life Sciences business. 


The acquisition opened the door to a much wider network of science and technology knowledge across multiple business areas. This enabled a strengthening of closely aligned values to ensure we recognise new business opportunities, and help customers identify, develop, and expand with solutions to drive value and a sustainable future.


Learn more about the Nagase Group
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Our Core Values

We are dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction. We invest in people, resources and value added capabilities to better serve the needs of our customers.

Accountability is being responsible for the things you say you will do, and doing them. We and our customers have high expectations for performance. Commit to quality work and meeting commitments, while maintaining high ethical standards.

We do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do. Integrity applies everywhere (customers, suppliers, employees, community). 

With transparency, honesty, and open communication, we’re committed to doing the right thing — simply because it’s the right thing to do.  

We are committed to providing the highest degree of quality in every product, service, and endeavour of our company. 

We promote a respectful team environment that inspires us to be our best, and a workplace that is safe, positive and engaging. 

Giving back and being involved in the community is part of who we are. 




A History of Innovation and Dynamic Growth
In the 40+ year history of Prinova, our success comes down to one guiding principle: exceptional service. This quest has informed the ways we’ve broadened our ingredients portfolio, augmented our custom services, and expanded our global reach. We look forward to a future of continued innovation and strong strategic partnerships.
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Global Locations, Regional Focus

Wherever you are in the world, we’ve got you covered. With manufacturing facilities on three continents, more than 35 inventory locations around the world, and sales and support offices in 30+ countries, Prinova is both your global partner and regional expert, providing comprehensive solutions that also meet your specific local needs.

 Worldwide Supply Chain

Our strategic global locations on three continents enable us to run a worldwide supply chain while addressing your requirements for just-in-time deliveries and safety stocks. With this footprint, you’re best positioned to optimise costs through reduced inventory overheads and unnecessary large stocks. Additionally, our regional presence means we’re agile enough to react to various market conditions and provide continuity of supply.  


With Prinova, you get world-class delivery and worldwide reach. Learn more about how we  solve your supply chain needs.

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Learn how partnering with us can help accelerate your business. Start by selecting an option below to connect your needs with the right solution.
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Prinova’s Sustainability Agenda

Just as every ingredient in our product lineup becomes part of something bigger, we believe our every philanthropic act adds to the greater good. Our code of conduct is shaped by the needs of the communities we’re privileged to serve — and by the charitable organisations that are important to our employees.

Acts of Caring and Support 

From corporate volunteering to fundraising, Prinova employees put the needs of others front and center in four key ways.   

Prinova’s volunteer programs empower employees to devote at least one full day each year to volunteering, but many give their time and energy on a regular basis. In 2020, our employees logged more than 4,000 hours helping people in need, through various organisations in different regions. In the UK, specifically, more than 30 employees supported the Royal Voluntary Service, helping the National Health Service (NHS) with local community tasks like medicine collection, patient transportation, and phone support.

Our corporate social responsibility initiatives also include fundraising for select charities. Each quarter, employees are invited to put their chosen charity to a company vote. The top three causes selected receive support from our corporate volunteering efforts with events such as bake sales, raffles, auctions, and organised quiz competitions. Money raised by employees is matched 1:1 by the business.

We support the fundraising efforts of many customers by donating prizes, such as vouchers and monetary funds to their preferred charities. In some cases, we’ll sponsor a challenge or event, and in others simply make a direct contribution to support the charity’s endeadours.

In response to the global pandemic, we quadrupled our charity budget in 2020 to assist organisations across multiple regions with their efforts to counteract the impact of COVID-19. In addition, general managers across all regions are invited to submit ideas for causes that should receive company donations. 

a woman wearing a vest and mask volunteering
Environmental Priorities and Sustainable Practices

As we prioritise our corporate sustainability policies and environmental efforts, Prinova is committed to continuous improvement by:


  • Leading the Way: Identifying the environmental aspects of our activities, products, or services that we can control and influence.  
  • Sustainable Practices: Ensuring all our products and services are developed sustainably, wherever appropriate, and reduce the levels of direct and indirect pollution associated with our activities.  
  • Knowledge Sharing: Encouraging the use of sustainable technologies and services. Communicating openly and proactively with staff about environmental policies and best practices. Educating, training, and motivating staff to work in an environmentally responsible manner and to play a full part in developing new ideas and initiatives.  
  • Tracking Progress: Setting and monitoring relevant, measurable sustainability and environmental objectives.  
  • Spreading Support: Encouraging manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors to develop and supply environmentally preferable goods and services.       

 Environmental Priorities and Sustainable Practices

Our sustainability efforts are designed to make a positive environmental impact in the following areas:  

  • Air pollution 

  • Discharge to sewer  

  • Energy management 

  • Hazardous waste  

  • Environmental noise 

  • Oil storage 

  • Recycling, re-use, and recovery  

  • Product and packaging waste disposal 

  • Waste electrical equipment policy  

  • Carbon footprint and climate change 

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Proven Commitment to Corporate Sustainability

Prinova is an auditing member of Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, or Sedex. Through this partnership, our manufacturing facilities receive the 4-Pillar Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit  (best known as SMETA-4 pillar audit) every three years. In 2021, the same standards were applied to our activity as an agent and broker in Europe.

At Prinova, we’re committed to understanding how our business makes an impact, so we can take steps toward reducing our emissions. Since 2017, we’ve participated in the CDP Initiative, which allows us to provide transparent emissions data to our customers. By 2022, we plan to include Scope 1 (direct), Scope 2 (indirect), and Scope 3 (supply chain) emissions data in our CDP submission.  

In addition to reaching our goal of 100 percent power from renewable energy, Prinova Solutions Europe Limited is now working with a specialist waste disposal company to increase the percentage of manufacturing byproduct that gets recycled.

Assessing Success and Adjusting Solutions

Prinova’s enterprise-wide environmental practices are regularly assessed to ensure our facilities and operations adhere to sustainability best practices, whenever possible. We have engaged the help of Eco3 Partnership to monitor, report and guide improvements in our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Their expertise will allow us to identify areas for improvement and lead the company towards increasingly sustainable practices, supporting us on our journey towards net zero.



Prinova Leadership

Dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly experienced, the Prinova leadership team represents an elite group of professionals who are committed to bringing business-forward solutions to customers all over the globe.   


Prinova’s leadership team does more than manage operations — we champion innovation. Through curiosity, creativity, and data-driven research, we pioneer new ingredients, create custom premixes and blends, and provide unrivaled service to leading brands. 

Meet the Prinova Leadership Team



Nic Dam


Nic Dam drives Prinova ROW forward through strategic execution and living the Core Values. Nic started as an intern at AMC Chemicals in 1996 (acquired by Prinova in 2002) after finishing his Economics Studies from the University Of Copenhagen. He spent five years at AMC, three years developing technical sales skills at Red Carnation Gums, and six years back at Prinova – first in business development, then as Purchasing Director at the US corporate office prior to his current role. Since 2010, Nic has served as Managing Director in the European Head office in London, where he's responsible for all sales and manufacturing outside of North America. He dedicates his spare time to his wife and two young sons and plays the occasional round of golf.  

Bukky Osobe


As Prinova's global presence advances, so too does Bukky Osobe's company standing and financial expertise. Since joining the company as a financial and management accountant in 2004, Bukky was soon promoted to the position of Financial Controller, with the prefix "Group" added later as the number of Prinova entities began to grow. Today, Bukky is responsible for running the finance and treasury functions of all Prinova locations outside of North America. Before moving to the UK, she obtained her university education in Nigeria, where she also spent 11 years in audit and tax practice at one of the country's top accounting firms. Bukky is happily married with two sons, and acts as treasury and secretary at her local church. 

Christine Arentoft


Christine Arentoft joined what would later become Prinova Europe in 2000. A true company veteran, when Christine says she believes Prinova's success comes from its core values, she's speaking from direct experience. She leveraged those values to personally launch the amino acids product category and helped grow it into what it is today: the company's second biggest category and a globally leading offering. Although she brings an intense level of commitment to her work, Christine leads a relaxing lifestyle otherwise. She loves to read, entertain, go to the theatre and the spa, and spend time with friends and family. 

Thomas Gill


Thomas Gill is a human resources (HR) executive with more than 20 years of experience, and an extensive range of skills to show for it. As HR Director for all prinova regions except North America, he provides HR solutions to employees around the world, and drives the company's efforts to advance its people development. A collaborative and engaging leader, Thomas devotes his time to enhancing the employee experience, supporting the business and its growth strategy, and bolstering communication and engagement. He stays up to date by regularly attending training seminars and events through The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and utilises his communication and listening skills at home as a husband and father of three. 





Prinova’s Quality & Accreditation Policy

Through our commitment to the highest-quality management standards, including compliance and safety, we provide an unmatched level of certainty to our customers. We guarantee full transparency and traceability of every batch we source, ensuring that you have everything you need to create winning products with complete confidence. 

Your Source for Superior Ingredients

Quality starts at the source. That’s why we’ve put extensive resources in place to control and strengthen our supply chain. We’ve built decades-long relationships with manufacturers and suppliers with full visibility into their products and processes. When you work with us, you know you’re getting the highest-quality ingredients possible.

Comprehensive Premix Quality Management 

Our infant-approved facilities meet the strictest standards of quality and food safety for ingredient premixes and blends. With our extensive accreditations and deep expertise, you can be assured that you’ll receive a superior premix every time.