Flavor applications

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Fine-tuning your flavors to meet the demands of multiple applications

Prinova’s in-house experts fine-tune flavors to meet the unique demands of your formula and provide a superb taste that matches your needs. While committed to pushing the boundaries of flavor innovation, we’ve created thousands of custom flavor solutions, including clean label and organic options, for a full range of applications to align with consumer demand.


With a dedicated team of flavor experts, we ensure that every flavor profile meets and exceeds expectations. Whether developing beverages, snacks, cereals and baked goods, performance nutrition, or animal nutrition, Prinova can be your preferred flavor manufacturing partner for custom flavor solutions.


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Flavor applications

From concept to completion, our multi-disciplinary team of flavorists, application specialists, and R&D experts are all dedicated to realizing your vision. Together with their collective knowledge, experience, and dedication, they’ll work with you to tackle any challenge, delivering exceptional flavor solutions to your unique requirements for a range of products. To explain each application in more detail, click the product type below.

Capture your customers’ imaginations with our selection of complex and intriguing TTB-approvable alcohol flavors. If you’re looking for ready-to-serve cocktails, liquor, and liqueurs, we’ll help you craft a truly intoxicating flavor experience.

Leverage our experience in beverage development to create your own on-trend products. Whether it’s a crisp soda, a refreshing juice, or anything in between, we’ll bring your flavored or functional beverage ideas to life.

Bring enticing and comforting homemade flavors to a range of pantry staples and bakery items. We’ll take your energy bars, cereals, cakes, cookies, and pies to new heights of indulgence, including their delicious icings and tasty fillings.


Satisfy any sweet cravings with indulgent flavors in treats, including chocolate, hard candy, caramel, and gummies. Whether subtle, classic, bold, or imaginative, our array of standard or custom flavors will appeal to every taste.


Use our flavor expertise to deliver and enhance all the richness of dairy – even in dairy alternatives. We can make great products even more delicious with flavors designed to mask off-notes and support fat-free, low-fat, and low-sugar offerings.

Due to the growing demand for performance nutrition goods, our team leverages industry insights and advanced technologies to design innovative flavors for protein powders, foods, beverages, pre and post-workouts, and more.

While the ingredients in nutritional supplements are often hard to work with, our flavorists and application specialists are experts at overcoming flavor challenges for great taste and functionality to support general health and well-being.

We have decades of experience serving the animal industry. As a result, our team creates high-quality, tasty flavors that improve the palatability needs of pets, animals, and livestock in their feed to support a healthy appetite.

Partner with Prinova and help your brand stand out with custom flavors for CBD premixes, gummies, and tinctures.

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Flavor application case studies

Explore some of our recent case studies on flavor applications to learn how Prinova has helped clients beat their flavor challenges to achieve their product goals for different foods, beverages, and supplements. Overall, each case study highlights our expertise in creating custom flavors that stand out for a complete range of applications.

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